What to expect from Sa Wakas the Musical

Sa Wakas, a musical inspired by the songs of Sugarfree and Ebe Dancel, is now on its third and final set of shows after it started its successful run from 2013, 2017 and this 2018. The farewell run also coincides with the “Sa Wakas” album’s monumental release 15 years ago.

Before you dash to buy those tickets, here are a few things you can expect from the show.

Classic Sugarfree Songs

Sugarfree’s songs spanned more than a decade and yielding four albums in the process. Hear their music come alive again with songs from their acclaimed studio albums – Sa Wakas, Dramachine, Tala-arawan and Mornings and Airports.

There are Two Amazing Sets of Lead Actors

On this year’s farewell run, Vic Robinson and Pepe Herrera reprise the role of Topper, the aspiring photographer. Maronne Cruz and Justin Pena reclaims their roles as Gabbi, the magazine editor and Topper’s lover. While Cara Barredo and Kyla Rivera-Soong now alternates as Lexi instead of last year’s Caisa Borromeo. Lexi is a doctor and long-time girlfriend of Topper.

Though the story might be the same, watching the two sets of actors playing the lead roles gives a familiar yet different feel of the story. Both sets of leads are great vocally and acting, but they exude different personalities. Pepe’s approach is more timid or insecure unlike Vic who exudes more confidence. Even for Gabbi’s role, Justin’s approach is more playful compared to Maronne’s more driven characterization. Both sets of actors give a fresh take on the emotional struggles of the characters.

Aside from the lead characters, the “Chuwariwaps” and Hans Dimayuga are also great supporting casts that give more life to the story. You can never get enough of these characters that’s why we suggest that you watch the show at least twice.

The Story is as Heartbreaking as the Songs of Sugarfree

“Managinip uli tayo sa sarili nating mundo”

Just like the feeling of digging into our past, the narrative of Sa Wakas is told in reverse. It starts with moving on, to the breakup and ends with the bittersweet memories of where it all started. Before, we connect with Sugarfree songs when we experience love and heartbreak, but with this musical, we can connect and identify with the characters emotions and how we envision ourselves when we were at their shoes at some point in our life.

The show took me back in time, like opening wounds of the distant past. From college days, career struggles and failed relationships. The songs of Sugarfree kept me company with every sad experience I had to go through and this musical is like watching a part of my life in replay.

Many of us have grown to love the songs of Sugarfree, both in love and heartbreak, but after watching Sa Wakas, we may not sing their songs in the same way again. Needless to say, we love this musical as much as we love the Sugarfree songs.

The show runs until May 27, 2018 at Power Mac Center Spotlight, Circuit Makati. Get your tickets here.

Update: Photos are taken from the 2017 shows. The set of Sa Wakas Musical has been redesigned for the 2018 show.

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