Updated Guide: Our Big Bad Wolf 2019 Experience

If you checked the social media posts tagged – #BigBadWolfBooksPH #BigBadWolfBooksManila, you may have heard a few horror stories shared by those who went to the first few days of the Big Bad Wolf book sale. From the massive influx of buyers to inept checkout process that resulted in long lines and long waiting hours. This somewhat discouraged us since we had a smooth experience coming in multiple times last year.

We thought it through and slightly understood certain situations that led to what happened during the first few days. It was a long weekend holiday and many people had the time to go to the sale whether it’s the peak or off-peak hours. The staff was mostly from Gawad Kalinga which is part of Big Bad Wolf’s advocacy in helping the community.  Although they may be trained, they may have had to adjust for the first few days especially with such a large crowd. Comparing to last year, the event picked up mostly through word of mouth from the people who went there. The crowd gradually increased only a few days after, giving the staff ample time to adjust to the system.

With these things into consideration, we decided to go back and see for ourselves. Here are some new tips based on our experience.


When to visit: We visited the sale on a weekday (Wednesday and Thursday/Friday morning). The first visit was around 3 to 5 in the afternoon and the second visit was from midnight ’till 3 in the morning. In both visits, the venue was less crowded and there were NO LINES at the cashier.

Tip: This was probably since most of the people already went there during the long weekend. Anticipate that this weekend is payday for most people, so there might be more visitors again. But checkout lines will likely be faster and more efficient since the staff has already adjusted to the system.

What books to expect: 

  • Selection of books is almost the same as last year but there are noticeably more fiction books and books catered to kids and young adults.
  • Here are the current selections: Graphic NovelsFiction, Non-Fiction, Literature, Young Adults, Children’s Books, Activity and Board Books, Biographies, Music and Movies, Self-help, Religion, Home Improvement, Cookbooks, Beauty and Fashion, Transportation, Sports, Travel, Art and Photography, Coloring books, Architecture, and Graphic Design.
  • There is color coding for the book sections/categories and the stacks are a bit more organized making it easier to browse through the tables.
  • More Marvel graphic novels. Harry Potter Series box set. Roald Dahl box set. Percy Jackson Series box set by author Rick Riordan.

Regularly check social media posts tagged – #BigBadWolfBooksPH #BigBadWolfBooksManila and Big Bad Wolf’s official Facebook page for updates.

Happy shopping book worms!

IN PHOTOS: Big Bad Wolf 2019

Graphic Novels Section

Fiction and Young Adults Selection

Children’s Books and this Roald Dahl box set

Harry Potter Series box set 

Travel books

Music and Biography books

Art and Photography Books

Our 2019 BBW Book Haul



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