The King Graduates: A Ceremony for DLSU’s Favorite Feline

DLSU grounds will never be the same again as Archer “graduates” from his free-roaming life on campus. Even with Archer’s “bad boy” image,  this feline “King” is one of the most beloved cats by Lasallians. He is also considered as the school’s unofficial mascot.

Considered as a cat-friendly community, DLSU is home to many cats. As a tribute to their favorite flerken, a graduation ceremony was held last March 27, 2019, which was open not only to the Lasallian community but also to registered public guests. While others can only claim to have graduated from a prestigious university, Archer not only earned his “educational pedigree“, but he was also given an official DLSU Alumni Lifetime membership card.

Ms. Laureen Velasco, one of the core members of DLSU Pusa, shared a story onstage on how Archer was chased by security personnel when he was still a kitten. And just like Deja Vu, Archer again managed to escape after making his short “graduation walk” in front of a large crowd. He reportedly ran to his usual hideout with his best friend, Animo.

Even with Archer’s skittish behavior, his relationship with Ate Jenny, a former campus security guard was special. He was originally known as the campus cat security guard since he mostly hangs out with her when she’s on duty. Yan-Yan, as Ate Jenny fondly calls Archer, will be rehomed with her due to his current medical condition.

If you miss Archer, you can check out DLSU Pusa or Cats of DLSU for updates.

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Laureen Velasco, an animal advocate and one of the core members of DLSU Pusa

DLSU students and outside guests attend Archer’s graduation ceremony

Archer’s short graduation walk

Archer suddenly escapes and flees to his hideout with Animo.

Students and guests were delighted to see Archer 

A stuffed pillow represents Archer after he fled from the ceremony

CatCare Cat Food gives Ate Jenny food supplies for Archer

My loot from the DLSU goodie bag for guests and graduation photos bought from Paws and Click

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