The Camerawalls: Above the Weather Concert

First Major Concert

It was certainly a night to remember. After a four-year hiatus, The Camerawalls made sure to make their comeback known at their first major concert at the Music Museum, last March 15, 2017. Joining the quartet are the talented string musical ensemble of The Manila Symphony Orchestra. They also brought in Bryan Estepa, an artist all the way from Sidney, Jing Reyna-Jorge, violinist and former Sugar Hiccup vocalist and Meagan Trees, a singer-songwriter from Dumaguete.

The Camerawalls with the Manila Symphony Orchestra

The Music

The music started with Meagan Trees opening the night with her smooth, entrancing voice, the spotlight just on her and her acoustic guitar. When the lights dimmed and sounds from Manila Symphony Orchestra echoed with an Above the Weather Overture, the audience became excited as the band members ushered in one by one. The Camerawalls played “Markers of Beautiful Memories” to start their 21-song set list. The song was the perfect welcome interlude to mark this concert as a beautiful memory for them as a band.

Clem Castro was a dynamic presence as always, always in constant motion to compliment the dreamy tunes and his melodic voice. Sharing the spotlight with Clem are Bryan Estepa and Jing Reyna-Jorge. Jing added vocals as the band played one of our favorites, “The Sight of Love”. With Jing on the violin, Estepa also played four original songs to add fuel to their set list.  Joining the band’s original line up of Clem on vocals and guitars, Law Santiago on bass and Bach Rudica on drums is Venj Gatmaitan on guitars, who was a welcome addition to the band’s already cohesive sound.

As they played their last song, Clem clambered up the steps to the audience and thanked each and everyone who came to the concert. The Camerawalls played all the songs, we have grown to love them with. The audience expected something special but what they got was an evening to last them with a light that never goes out.

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The Setlist

Above The Weather Overture
Markers Of Beautiful Memories
I Love You Natalie
Ignore My Weakness, Don’t Ignore Me
Solitary North Star
Canto De Maria Clara
The Sight Of Love
Seachange (with Bryan Estepa)
Practice What You Preach (with Bryan Estepa)
Object Of My Disaffection (with Bryan Estepa)
Count Your Blessings (with Bryan Estepa)
Here Comes The Sun
My Life’s Arithmetic Means
Bread and Circuses
Birthday Wishes
Clinically Dead For 16 Hours
The Emperor, The Concubine & The Commoner


A Gentle Persuasion
Boys In The Backroom
Band On The Run
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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