Plastic or Planet? A Guide to Making Your Own Ecobricks

When we started to become more and more aware of the devastating effects of plastics to our planet, we made our first steps to be part of the solution by slowly adapting to a zero-waste lifestyle. Aside from bringing our own reusable stainless straws, chopsticks and spork when dining outside, we are now practicing turning plastic leftovers into Ecobricks.

It is a plastic bottle packed tight with used and cleaned plastics to create a building block. This is a good practice to eliminate plastic disposal thrash as these are non biodegradable.

If you want to make your own ECOBRICKS, here are the steps:

Below is the required weight for each bottle size you use. You can also get more information about ecobricks and where to drop them off from The Plastic Solution.

Let us help save the planet on this garbage plastic pollution by being part of the solution. Start adapting the #zerowastelifestyle this #plasticfreejuly.

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