New Cynthia Alexander Album!

It was year 2012 when Cynthia Alexander announced that she will be moving to Seattle, USA.  As a fan of her, it was a mix of emotions that there will be no Cynthia Alexander gig here for a long time but she will be championing the Filipino music overseas.

Her gigs are always SRO (standing room only). I regularly watch her gig at the now-defunct, Sanctum in Intramuros (Oh God! I miss that place), 70’s Bistro (thanks for the smokeless gig, no cigarettes and sisig allowed) and Conspiracy Garden Cafe, both in Quezon City.

at Conspiracy Garden Cafe, October 30, 2010 
Cynthia Alexander with her side project band, Humanfolk 
Wife and I were able to watch her few last gigs before she moved to Seattle. One was when she opened for Main Stage of Fete De La Musique 2012 at Makati Avenue before her last send off gig at Conspiracy Garden Cafe. Then in her Send-Off Gig at 70’s Bistro.
The 70’s Bistro was super jam-packed that night that they decided to open the windows and door to alleviate the suffocating heat inside. The foods were almost sold out even before her set, that is why I decided to go outside to buy a bread in nearby bakery. Then, guess what?! I saw Ms. Cynthia Alexander, at the corner street, alone, sitting on a wooden bench waiting for her set time. I immediately went back running to 70’s Bistro and told my wife who I saw, so we decided to go outside again for her to sign our CDs and for some photo-op. We told her “hindi namin alam kung makakabalik pa kami sa loob dahil sobrang siksikan” the she answered with a smile “hindi ko rin alam paano ako makakapasok sa sa loob” then other people already starts recognizing her, requesting for autographs. Fortunately, we we were able to inch our way back inside but didn’t finish the gig as my wife was not feeling well anymore due to the condition inside the venue.
at her Send Off gig at 70’s Bistro, June 22, 2012
photo op

at Main Stage – Fete De La Musique, June 23, 2012

      photo op after Fete De La Musique 2012 gig

Almost three years after her departure, she performed at Jack Daniel Indie Music Award last April 17, 2015 at Whitespace Makati.
at Whitespace Makati, April 17, 2015


As an independent artist, she have released 3 solo studio and 1 live album; Insomnia & Other Lullabyes (1997), Rippingyarns (2000), Comet’s Tail (2005) and Walk Down The Road (2009). 

Now, she is back in the studio working on her new album. She is reaching out to us, fans of her music, to make this album a reality. A crowdfunding has been uploaded to and supporters can choose a number of options from Digital Download only up to Personal Video Greeting with a Song. We chose Couple’s Package which includes CD + digital download, postcard with personal message, signed 8 x 10 poster and 2 limited edition t-shirts.

Let us help Cynthia Alexander fund her new album at,

Listen to her songs at

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