Getting Lost and Gaining Friends in Bangkok

When you think of traveling, you always consider how easy or hard it is to navigate in a foreign place or how mass transportation is like especially if you’re traveling on a budget. Also, consider the possibility of getting lost and having yourself talking to locals who have difficulty talking in a foreign language. Or just like our experience, tourists are often scammed by “friendly” locals. That’s just a few of the many things you might experience along the way.

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” Erol Ozan

We were there for the Foo Fighters concert and the venue was quite far and cannot be reached by train. I insisted to my companions to use Bangkok’s other types of public transport instead of riding a taxi or TNVS. We got off at the last BTS station, Mo Chit and approached the locals calling out for passengers and asked if any of the vans were going to Impact Muangthongthani. A man nodded and pointed us to his van. He looked a little apprehensive so we decided later on to ask fellow passengers if the van was taking us in the right direction. A lady passenger was kind enough to guide us where we should get off.

Thai Local who helped us get to our destination

We were on the side of an unfamiliar highway with no sight of Impact Challenger. A small eatery was nearby and so we asked a woman if she knows where Muangthongthani is. She was having difficulty in giving us the proper directions. Instead of being frustrated, she decided to accompany us in crossing the street and led us to where we should ride. We were really grateful for her gesture. We got to Impact Challenger easily.

Finding out we were early to claim the concert tickets, we decided to go back to our hostel. But we were again lost on finding our ride back to the city. We approached a man sitting at a waiting shed and asked, “How do we get back to Mo Chit BTS station?”. He seemed to understand us but it was very hard for him to explain the directions to us. He managed to tell us that he was going in the same direction. “I ride bus with you. My home is same way.” And so we did. We even thought he would pay for us. Haha! But what he did was more than enough. He talked to the lady bus conductor. Apparently, he was verifying what bus we would ride. He said to us “Bus 52“. He repeated, “You ride bus 52, ok?” He told us to get off at a bus stop. He said again “Bus 52.” And there was Bus 52 at the bus stop. We were really thankful to him.

Finally riding Bus 52

That’s three genuinely kind individuals who did not hesitate to help us. Even with the language barrier, a little smile and kind words would surely go a long way. So, don’t be afraid to get lost. You might gain some new friends.


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