Foo Fighters Experience in Bangkok Thailand

You can feel the Foo Fighters vibe when we arrived at the Impact Challenger in Bangkok, Thailand last August 24, 2017. Fans from different nations (including us, Philippines Represent) gather to watch Seattle formed band in one of the only two play dates in South East Asia.

It was about 93oish in the evening when the band appeared on stage, the crowd went wild. Dave Grohl with his Gibson blue guitar ran in front of the stage checking out the crowd while other band members went to their posts.  Dave said, “It’s nice to be back” then they opened the show with “Everlong” and the crowd went wilder. Are they serious? They usually play this as their final song. Looks like an affirmation of memorable night when Dave told the crowd “It’s been 20 f*king years and we got a lot of songs to play for you!” after that.

It was fun listening to Dave’s banter with the crowd in between songs. “When we played here 20 years ago, we only had 12 songs. But now we have more than 150 songs and we could play them all night. And if my calculations are correct, we will probably finish by 7:30 in the morning. But if we do that, we can never come back. So, you decide. Do you want us to play 150 songs or just come back sooner?” The crowd cheers “150 songs!!!” Dave goes, “Oh shit! That was a close call. But let me tell you this, we’re gonna play a whole lotta songs for you tonight.” And they sure did play a long 24-song setlist. It was one of the best two and a half hours of our lives!

Music is indeed the universal language. The crowd sang every lyrics of every songs, even the less popular and new ones. The crowd was really in it with them. It’s hard to feel tired when you see and feel the energy from the band. Every time Dave giving his all singing and screaming while playing the guitar, the crowd goes wild. Then you can see, Taylor Hawkins on what a monster he is on drums, Pat Smear having fun with his signature smile while jumping with guitar, Nate Mendel’s almost never ending head sway while playing his melodic bass lines, Chris Shiflett’s clean tone of playing and Rami Jafee doing his thing on keyboards and accordion.

Unlike most bands, they don’t do encores. Foo Fighters just hits it off hard and strong from start to the end. The crowd doesn’t chant “More!” because we know we’ve been given one the of the best F* performances we’ve ever experienced.

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