A Preview: National Museum of Natural History

NATURE and ART combined. National Museum celebrated its 116th Anniversary with a sneak peek of the newly opened, Museum of Natural History last October 29, 2017. The former DOT structure was renovated and designed with a mix of modern and neoclassical style of architecture. Aside from the neoclassical facade of the National Museum, the main attraction of the building is the “Tree of Life”, a helix-shaped indoor elevator which rises up to the 5th floor. It is topped with a massive glass canopy which effectively lights up the whole building in natural sunlight. The exhibit mainly showcases the Philippine islands’ extraordinary beauty through its rich biodiversity. You’ll also get an insight on how the naturalists of our country explores and studies them.

LOLONG. Lolong was the largest crocodile to be held in captivity until it died on February of 2013. Even if just a replica, it was still fascinating to see the life-size depiction of  the crocodile which measures more than 6 meters long and weighing about a thousand kilograms. According to one of the museum’s staff, the actual preserved body of Lolong is in the building and would possibly be displayed in the museum when it is fully opened.

Replica of the Philippine Deer and display of a “Taclobo” (giant clam)

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES. Kids and adults can also do some sketches and tracing of plants and butterflies.

Ferdz Decena of

Clean and crisp details of the museum’s interior.

ART APPRECIATION IN THE DIGITAL AGE. Even in this digital age where anyone can just search for information and art images, there’s still a growing appreciation for the arts, culture and history. We’ve seen more and more people supporting exhibits and visiting local museums. It also helps when the government supports this by making the admission to museums free to encourage more people to learn more about our art and history just like the case of National Museum. Now with this new branch of the museum, there is certainly something for people to look forward visiting next year.




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